Minister’s Message

Welcome to the South Sudan’s Ministry of East African Community Website. The website contains a compendium of knowledge and information regarding the East African Community and in particular South Sudan’s Membership in the East African Community. We urge you to have a closer look at the website as you will find key details regarding the community. The website is envisaged to act as a resource and communication center. It dubs as a one stop shop for all information on EAC integration. I encourage students and other young people, business community, and the general public to visit and attain more information and deeper knowledge as we coordinate the process of having one East Africa.

In February, 2020, in line with the provisions of the Revitalized Agreement on Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan, The Ministry of East African Community Affairs was established. The creation of a stand-alone Ministry tasked exclusively with coordination and implementation of South Sudan’s East African Community commitments is a key step for the Government of South Sudan. It highlights the importance that the Government places to the regional integration processes taking place in the East Africa region.

For South Sudan’s membership in the EAC is critical. It is a firm commitment by our country to seek economic, social and cultural development together with our brothers and sisters from the East African Community.

South Sudan’s Admission to the East African Community marks a decisive shift in my country’s foreign and economic policy.

Throughout the last century South Sudanese did not have the freedom to choose their own destiny;

  • first as a part of the British colonial system; and
  • then as part of the Republic of Sudan.

It is only since the Proclamation of Independence, in 2011, that South Sudan is free to make its own regional and foreign policy.

As part of this policy, we have made a clear statement that we want to be a part of the EAC.

This is not surprising as South Sudan is historically, culturally and ethnically a part of the greater East Africa Region.

South Sudan’s Membership in the EAC is a return of our country to its rightful place – as an integral part of the East African Region.

In Africa – as elsewhere in the World – regional integration has long been viewed as a catalyst for long-term prosperity. With COVID-19 pandemic placing severe strain on economies across the continent, regional coordination is critical. In the face of the pandemic, we are stronger together and benefits of unity far outweigh the short-lived advantages of individual paths.

The East African Community is a people-centred organization and the work taking place at this venue is ultimately intended to benefit South Sudanese citizens as a whole. I, therefore, also urge the private sector and civil society and all other stakeholders to take an active role in the EAC regional integration processes as they are one of the determinants that will shape our future in the years to come.

Thank you and wish you  all well.

Hon. Deng Alor Kuol,  

Minister for East African Community Affairs 

Republic of South Sudan