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Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles


Our mission is to coordinate, facilitate and oversee the harmonization/approximation of EAC laws and policies, implementation of the integration pillars, EAC programmes and projects in South Sudan including monitoring, evaluation, reporting and accountability.

Our Vision

EAC integration for socio economic development and prosperity for the people of South Sudan

Guiding Principles

The implementation of the Ministry of East African Community Strategic Plan 2022 – 2026 shall be guided by the principles and values such as: leadership and good governance, strategic partnership and networking, private sector enhancement and gender equality including innovation and technology. These guiding principles and core values of the Ministry of EAC Affairs are further explained in the next paragraph below:  

  1. Integrity, leadership and good governance

The implementation of MEACA Strategic Plan shall instill a sense of moral and social responsibility while executing its activities. The ministry will also conduct all the activities through transparency, accountability, trustworthiness and commitment

  1. Strategic partnership and networking

The implementation of MEACA strategic plan shall focus on building relationship and strategic partnerships with all actors at regional and national level for optimal use of technical and financial resources in order to execute the ministry’s activities efficiently and effectively.

  1. Professionalism

The implementation of MEACA Strategic Plan shall promote professionalism and ensuring continues capacity development for all the staff at the ministry.

  1. Private sector enhancement

The implementation of MEACA Strategic Plan shall focus on creating conducive environment for the development of private sector in order to drive growth, jobs creation, products and services for both local and regional market including payment of taxes that finance services and investment in South Sudan.

  1. Gender and Equity

The implementation of MEACA strategic plan integrations gender equality; equal and active participation of women, men and youths in all activities.

  1. Innovativeness and technology

As the region and the entire world is advancing in continuous innovation and technology, the Ministry of EAC will embrace best practice and innovation going forward to ensure competitiveness, effectiveness and efficiency.