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Projects And Programmes

  • Membership in the EAC means that the country is now part of numerous EAC and donor-funded projects that seek to develop joint economic and social development in East Africa. These projects are in numerous fields. 

    • In Education, the EAC and donors provide numerous scholarships and support to vocational training in the view of establishing a Common Higher Education Area.
    • In Public Health, the EAC coordinates regional responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Institution developed a Regional COVID-19 Response Plan and is, currently, implementing special protocols and computer applications to facilitate the free movement of goods and people’s cross-border travel.
    • Economics, Trade and Private Sector Development there is EAC’s largest work stream. It entails the establishment of a Customs Union, Common Market and by 2024 a common currency. The EAC is in a process of setting up all Common Market freedoms which include the freedoms of movement of goods, capital, labour and people. The EAC also negotiates the region’s accession to key pan-African trade agreements such as Tripartite FTA and CAFTA. It also develops numerous common private sector development policies and programmes.
    • In the general theme of Peace and Security, the EAC cooperates in the flowing sub-areas: mutual defence pact, refugee management, small weapons control, conflict prevention, forensic investigations, stolen vehicles, counter-terrorism, trafficking of persons and narcotics, chemical safety and security, correctional services, exchange of confidential information and numerous others.
    • In Culture and Sports, the EAC carries out festivals and sports tournaments that are regional in scope.
    • Regional Science and Technology cooperation is coordinated by the East African Science and Technology Commission. The Commission publishes the East African Journal on Science Technology and Innovation, organizes the E-health and Telemedicine Conferences and works towards the establishment of the Regional Network of R&D Institutions.
    • In the field of Migration, Immigration and Passports the following programmes are being implemented: harmonized procedures and fees for issuance of Entry/Work/Residence Permits, harmonized application forms for a Special Pass for EAC citizens, EAC e-Passports, EAC Regional E- Immigration Policy and other.
    • In Gender, Youth, Social Protection and Community Development the EAC has developed a Strategic Plan for Gender, Youth, Children, Persons with Disabilities, Social Protection and Community Development. The Plan guides policy development in the area. In addition, the following projects and laws have been developed: the Gender Equality Development Act/Bill, EAC Gender Policy, EAC Regional Strategy for Promoting Women in Business for Socio-Economic Development, EAC Child Policy and the Action Plan for Child Policy, the Framework for Strengthening Child Protection Systems in the EAC, the Minimum Standards on Comprehensive Services for Children and Young People.