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Undersecretary's Message

Undersecretary, Ministry of East African Community Affairs(MEACA-SS)

Mr. Andrea Ariik Aguer, Undersecretary, Ministry of East African Community Mr. Andrea Ariik Aguer, the Undersecretary for Ministry of East African Community Affairs is, arguably, a rising star of the Government of South Sudan. He is a high-level civil servant who actively seeks to reform and enhance the government’s efficacy primarily through implementing East African Community’s best practice laws and programmes for the benefit
of the people of South Sudan. As South Sudan is now a full Member of the East African Community, trade and private sector development agenda of the Ministry of EAC Affairs is large.

The Ministry is  leading – along with the Ministry of Trade – South Sudan’s participation in the Tripartite FTA and African Continental FTA and shapes South Sudan’s  policy in the EU-EAC Economic Partnership Agreement negotiations. In addition, the Ministry is coordinating South Sudan’s implementation of the key pillars of the EAC such as the Custom Union and the Common Market. As part of this work, South Sudan and the East African partner states have recently implemented a coordinated visa waiver program. Hence at present all citizens of the EAC can travel within the region without the need of visa and onerous payments.

Hon. Andrea Ariik Aguer understands and is deeply engaged in work with the private sector not only to improve South Sudan’s business environment through implementation of EAC provisions but also by seeking to create business opportunities for South Sudanese entrepreneurs.

Previously, Mr. Andrea Ariik Aguer was Minister of Finance and Minister of Education in Warrap State, South Sudan as well as member of the Regional Parliament of Warrap State.