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Why South Sudan joined? The big picture

South Sudan’s Admission to the East African Community is a historic event for the country. It marks a decisive shift for the country’s foreign and economic policy.

Throughout the last century South Sudanese did not have the freedom choose their own destiny. First, as a part of the British colonial system and then as a part of the Republic of Sudan. It is only since the Proclamation of Independence, in 2011, that South Sudan is free to make its regional and foreign policy. As part of this policy the Government of South Sudan made a clear statement that we want to be a part of the EAC.

This is not surprising as South Sudan is historically, culturally and ethnically a part of the greater East Africa Region. As a member of the Community, South Sudan will enhance its cooperation with the Region in many areas including: in governance, economics, political and security areas. Membership in the EAC is creating a web of positive interactions making conflicts less likely, strengthening regional economies and supporting sustainable development. All this can strengthen South Sudan as a state.